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Criteria for Success

Criteria Questions
1. How might the product include Asian ingredients?
2. Why might the product be called Asian?
3. How would the product become visually appealing when it is packaged? How long will the packaged food last?
4. How might the product include different taste of Asia


1. Who is the audience?
– The target of this is product is for business people and for people on the go.

2. What is the purpose of the product?
– The product is for people who don’t have lunch or for people who can’t be bothered making lunch.

3. What criteria does the product need to meet?
– The product needs to be sold to one person at lunch. These products are meant for people on the go.

4. What needs to be researched?
– In this project, I need to investigate what food is good to go, ready to eat, how they are packaged, how do they make it appealing, and what food there is in Asia.

5. What are the design brief requirements?
– The design brief needs to be visually appealing, there needs to be a portfolio with all of the design process, a presentation ready to show, and the development of what Asian product I’m going to sell and how I was inspired or why I chose the product.

Define the key words in the design brief.
On the go
Ready to eat
Design Brief